Meet Our Therapists

Our Team:

Mr Zak Powers (Principal Clinician)

BSc (hons), MIACP.


Zak Powers is the Principal Clinical Psychotherapist at Bergin Psychological services. He has been serving the mental health needs of people for the last 20 years. He is a graduate of Middlesex University London and PCI college Dublin. He is fully accredited with the IACP (Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy). He has extensive experience in both the private and public health care systems and he has built a strong working relationship with both G.P’s and Psychiatrists around Ireland. Zak oversees all Client work at the clinic.

He has worked with world sporting champions in their particular fields of sport and he continues to advice organisations and groups on topics such as CBT, Stress management, OCD, Depression and  building Self-esteem. His work is supervised and through his ongoing professional learning he continues to grow as a therapist.

Katarina Krausova

BA (hons) , MIACP


We are very lucky here at the clinic to have Katarina as part of our team. She comes to us with full Accreditation with the IACP and a wide range of therapeutic skills. Her treatment approach is Pluralistic. Pluralism accommodates each clients individual cultural and religious background.It uses where appropriate , a range of therapy models including  CBT, gestalt, psychodynamics and choice therapy. Katarina speaks fluent  English,Slovak and  Czech. She also has a strong conversational understanding of Spanish and French.

In addition to her work with adults she is  a qualified Play therapist and so we are also happy to accommodate children and young adults (age range 8yrs to 17 yrs.) Katarina has full Garda vetting. All Adult and child Sessions last for 50 minutes and therapy usually takes place on a weekly basis. If weekly sessions do not suit you , Katarina is happy to accommodate a different arrangement.

Client feedback : (June 2017) 

“Katerina was a wonderful therapist, I found her very insightful and gentle and easy to talk to and she was able to help me approach problems from a new and insightful viewpoint.
She was able to gently suggest that anything was open to discussion and within 2 or 3 sessions I felt like I was starting to be able to approach my anxiety from a practical viewpoint. I saw real results when she took me through the possible causes and solutions to my problems. She is a very gentle and kind person and I found her easy to open up to and talk to. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone for CBT.”……. C.M, Dublin. (Client full name withheld for confidentially)

Clodagh Ni Ghallachoir, 





Clodagh is IACP accredited Doctor of Psychotherapy with extensive experience of long term client work including bereavement, stress and anxiety management, work related stress, Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She has specific experience of working with infertility and assistive reproductive technologies, chronic health issues and anger management.

She is passionate about working in partnership with clients and couples in order to develop strategies to deal effectively with the difficulties in their lives.  She holds a Masters of Science  in Work and Organisational Psychology and is  a Registered General Nurse. She is the current Student welfare officer at the Royal College Of Surgeons, Dublin.


G.P & Psychiatric services 
There is occasion when a client needs referral to a doctor as part of their treatment here at the clinic. Bergin Psychological Services does not issue medication but medical treatment can be an important part of a clients treatment. Therefore we are happy to arrange a visit  to one of our referral list Doctors / Psychiatrists  with whom we have a strong working relationship.