Self Esteem


Fear and Anxiety are the hallmarks of low self esteem. Those who suffer  low self worth experience extreme fear and anxiety on a regular basis.  Believing that there is something innately wrong with themselves, these low self esteem sufferers experience what is commonly known as panic attacks. It is often triggered when they do something they deem to have been stupid and something that confirms their own feelings of inadequacy, incompetence and being unlovable.

During these attacks they may lash out or more commonly,  withdraw and isolate themselves while feeling embarrassed, humiliated and depressed. Depending on how seriously they deem their “mistake”, they may not recover for minutes, hours, days, or longer. They are often too fearful to ask for help, thinking that needing help is an admission of inadequacy.

We prioritise the building of strong self esteem above all other efforts we make with our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to show you the client the way to a mindset that leaves you ‘Actually liking who you are’ and possible getting to a place where you can truly love who you are. Remember we are all beautifully flawed, so learning to live with and work with our strengths and limitations is the drive of our clinical work.