Principal Psychotherapist

Zak Powers BSc (hons), MIACP.

Hello and welcome to our site. I hope you find it useful and most importantly, it improves your understanding of Psychotherapy and other psychological services and how it can help you through difficult times.

As a  Clinical Psychotherapist in private practice for  20 years now, it is my mission as a professional helper to provide you with a therapy space where you can ‘think differently’.

 When we think differently we find different and new ways to escape the prison of our fears and isolation. I am supported here at the clinic by a team of therapists and Doctors who are ready to help you today.

Having helped countless numbers of people over the years I know that ‘You’ have the ability to profoundly change your life and find peace of mind. It would be our privilege to be the ones to help you achieve this.

We wish you the very best and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Take care of yourself.


Zak Powers

Principal Clinical Psychotherapist

BSc (hons), MIACP